Parent As Partners 

Parent as Partners is a dynamic collaborative process between the parent and the coach where the parent's vision is brought into focus and then steps are crafted week by week to help the parent connect with his/her goal. This process can help you to deepen your relationship with your child and end common battles such as tantrums, bedtime and chores. It can reduce your stress level, and help you find more joy and satisfaction in your role as a parent. Together, we will unravel your challenges, clearly articulate your goals and develop strategies and a plan of action. 

Pensatore's programme 'Parent as Parents' provides professional development and consulting services to parents, other schools and organizations seeking to expand their skill set.

Some of the parenting workshops are: 

*Conscious Parenting

*Raising Your Child in A Digital World

*Conscious Teaching

*The Positive Discipline World 

*When Your Kids Push Your Buttons

and many more!


Can I have coaching online?

Yes, we offer online coaching to those  who are unable to meet us face-to-face or find online services easier and more convenient.